Friday, April 8, 2011

Insert dead rock star's name here

So, people are crazy, and I see my fair share of them. Example- This dude legit thinks he is (insert dead rock star here), or he wants to be just like him... minus the dead part. Sometimes people fill out charts like they are checking into a pay-by-the-hour-motel with their "cousin"...If you know what I mean... Fake info.

Anyway, He was a little off on the birthday. He made a list of drugs he was currently taking, under history he writes "I used to be addicted to alcohol and drugs(crack/cocaine)" WHO WRITES THAT?!? Employment? Self, in a band perhaps? Marital status- Single. Of course you are! (insert dead rock star here) never got married, and you are CRAZY! I love crazy people...

I wrote this post out like 4 times, trying not to break any patient confidentiality things... and this is what I give you!

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