Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Biggest Loser

So the people at my office are completely obsessed with weight loss and dieting. Its gotten to the point that it scares me, just a little bit. They do diets that they are only allowed to be on for 3 weeks... or they die.

Anyway, some of the girls wanted to start an office 'biggest loser' the idea was that everyone would put in $10, and at the end of the month whoever lost the most weight, by percentage, won the pot. At first they were going to do it by weight... but thats just silly. It would be too easy. Anyway, I jumped in on that I could use the extra cash, and I need to lose some weight anyway. Its a win-win.

So, Here we go, I took some measurements, weighed in, and we are going to check back in June 9th.

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