Thursday, May 5, 2011

First game ever.

So. We had our first game yesterday. And when I say first game, I mean FIRST EVER. Chinook High School Womens Rugby. Brand new school, brand new team, mostly brand new girls.

We played CCH, final score was 27-0. I kind of expected the loss, what I didn't expect was the this- It was truly a phenomenal thing to watch- we could actually see the girls learning. Every minute that passed they got better. We were impressed with the way they handled themselves in every aspect of the game, and how they kept up the positivity. The way they changed, and adapted and grew start to finish was amazing. They recognized when things were wrong and took steps to fix it.
For sure there are things we need to work on- (rucking, tackling, positional things, tactics- type stuff) But overall, it was a fantastic thing to watch.

Like we say "Progression, not Perfection" And that was some of the greatest progression I've ever seen.

We were scored on almost right off the bat, like 2 minutes in. This is when the first major click happened, and they were like, 'oh this is a real game....this is what its like...' About 6 or 7 minutes later we got scored on again. We made ground, had some good runs, our rucking started to improve, we got close to scoring a couple of times, and about 13 minutes passed from when we last got scored on and we get scored on again. There is a lot of back and forth, some good tackles and it takes them almost to the end of the half to score again. It was awesome. Not that we got scored on, but that everytime around, we held them for longer.

We only had 4 subs, we put em in at half. We got so close to scoring so many times, rucking got better still. We made some rookie mistakes, got pinned in our end, got scored on again. But there were a few times when we were on our own 5, and we managed to get it out. Super.

Huge positivity in our team, it was unbelievable. We only got two penalties. Which is awesome for first timers! And there were ZERO mauls. We never got caught up on our feet. The entire second half they only scored once. YOU COULD ACTALLY SEE PROGRESS. I can almost measure in real quantities how much progression they made. Also, no serious injuries!

I'm super excited for the season, huge potential! AWESOME!!!

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