Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Friends in Awkward Album Art

I give to you a series of album covers, that either remind me of my friends or, I have just dubbed certain people for various reasons. Please, Enjoy, Be Amused and uplifted.

I call this one "Zecksy" Aka Scott Z.

And this one is "Reveror" Aka Trevor L.

"Triplentendreanone" Aka Brett, Dan, Dallas and Allison. Also, i'm aware that AC is a dude.

This I dedicate to Cathy, Bonnie and Melissa, from left to right. May your hearts keep singing.

The first of the couples, this is "Sterett" Aka Stef and Jarett.

"Rug Babies" Erica, Paige and Brooke.

"Gross Loveydovey" Kathryn and Justin....Get a room.

"Little Ones" Michelle, Lurel, Katie, Sarah, Charlotte,

"Lindsay Lowry"

"Kay Aitch"


"Tanner 'The Bear(who is going to kill everyone)' Toleman"

"Spark a band of creepers" ...Becky


And finally "Griamice" Aka Ashley and Graham Ruttan


  1. hahaha the massage one..and the borrowing feelings one..

  2. I'm so horrified by these album covers. Pretty funny though.

  3. were is mine?? p.s the cory matherson guy looks like uncle matt

  4. Sorry Cherlyn...I didn't come across one that suits you...or did you justice for that matter... Unless you wanted to be an angry black chick sitting on a toilets making a weird face...

  5. Sterett!?!?! BAHAHAHA!!! How did I not see this when you first posted it?! I guess I'll have to search for a conch shell for Jarett's stocking this year :)

  6. One day i WILL have a mustache that awesome...one day.

  7. Beauty. In it's ugliest form. I totally got the cutest girl. Thank you.

    PS. I was randomly scrolling down through your magnanimous and multidious posts and happened to stop right on my name. And peed laughing. And cried for not having seen it sooner AKA a year ago.