Saturday, October 30, 2010

Can you just look at me for a sec?

OK people. Can we just take a second here, and just look at me. Please. Just look.

Do you see the epicness of this costume? Do you even realize?! Cause some people did not. Made entirely from SCRATCH. Minushe bow and arrows, I MADE this entire costume! Real leather! It is my masterpiece.

It embodies who I am. Out of every Halloween costume I've EVER worn, this ties for 1st. It only lost points for fitting vehicles....and inbetween people at the dance. If you are wondering what tied this beautiful piece of art for was the old granny costume. I'll try to find a pic, but that one was amazing...and I could sure bust a granny-move.

Anyway. OBVIOUSLY I'm a Viking. If thats not obvious, please, leave. People said I looked very Braveheart. Which I guess is close... but then people were asking me if I was Robin Hood. Oh, excuse me... Robin Hood WAS the ONLY person in 'history' to use a bow right? Its not like they were a common weapon back in the day... if I have a bow I MUST be Robin. COME ON PEOPLE.

Also, I don't have to BE a SPECIFIC person. Can't I just be a Viking? ...Like when people are dressed up like a Mummy, they don't have to be Tutankhamun. We can just BE things! And as a matter of clarification. I'm a real Viking, legitimately. Ancestoral right. AND REAL Vikings never wore big gleeming helmets with giant horns protruding out the sides. Think about it, they are totally impractical. Archeological evidence supports that Vikings wore simple helmets, if they wore any at all.

I should've just been Xena, that would've made everyone happy.

My costume had it all. The tunic, with leather ties. The emu-skin boots with wooden toggles. The calf dagger in a black leather sheath. The black belt with gold buckle. Bow. Quiver. Arrows. Fur wrap. Sword. Bull whip. Left arm bracer- Leather, with ties. Right leather wrist guard. Awesome. I had to leave the axe... I refuse to carry a fake one, and taking a real one to a dance? Probably not a good idea. But this was amazing...

I'm sorry the pictures aren't very good, but I didn't have my camera, so these are taken with my phone. And there won't be any pictures of anything really, the dance kind of lacked epicness. Three costumes worth mentioning- Actual Robin Hood. This guy had it nailed, kind of hot. Michelle Frache and lil Scott went as a Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It was AWESOME! I interrupted one of their dances to tell them it was awesome... And then Wayne Orr. I have to hand it to him, he pulls it out EVERY year. Last year was inspector gadget, which really worked; this year? Mr. Bean. He had it right down to teddy. And he played the part perectly. It was a sight to behold. Greatness. Words do not do it justice. SO FUNNY!!!

Well, that was day 1 of All Hallows Eve. I'd say it got off to a good start. I may wear my costume just for the fun of it. It was comfy, and it makes me look awesome...

I dare you to say different...


  1. ummm landon hatch as robin hood? yes please.

  2. That was lil Landon Hatch? Well done. And I concure- Yes Please!

  3. You are amazing! end of story. And thanks for the shout out! I agree....I think you and I (and scott) should have been up on the stage for best costumes! Oh good times...

  4. AWESOME!!!! there are no other words needed!