Saturday, October 23, 2010

The last supper...

Ok, I'll try to make that the last sacrilegious thing I say for a while. But this is kind of what it is. Today is my Grandpa Brown's 75th birthday. And that means that my family is gathering out in Carmangay for a potluck. And if there is one thing we know how to do, its Potluck.

So here is the thing- I'm allowing myself, one last day of horrible eating and sitting around. After today, things are going to be different. I'm making a change of lifestyle. As of late, I've become REALLY aware of how much I've let myself go. And its bad. I don't care what you think, I know it is. I've never been skinny, but there have been times when I was fit. Where I could go for runs and they would last for more than 15 minutes. And I miss it. Also I hate when people assume that I'm not good at sports, or that I don't know what I'm talking about because I look a certain way. I can run, my endurance sucks, but I can. I can shoot, I can skate, I can tackle, I can pass, I can ruck, heavens knows if you tried to scrum against me, you'd lose. I can box, I can wrestle, I can bat, I can bump, set and dig. I used to be able to serve and throw, but since separating my shoulder that's gone downhill. Now Im about average at it. Better than some, but not really good.

Point is; I'm done being fat. It's too much work. So mark my words, things will change. And they will change good and fast.

6 pack by next summer? Oh, I think so.


  1. hey. good for you. not gonna lie, you kind of inspired me to work out and cut the crap too. lets keep each other posted. haha get it? post? like a blog post?

  2. Go alaya! you have inspired me as well. No I dont by any means think I am fat....but I have been sucking at life in my own ways. Good luck!