Thursday, October 28, 2010

Taco Night and Halloween

Readers Digest version- A few weeeks ago Dallas wanted to drive to Montana for steak. I had to work too late, I offered to make him steak, he took the idea and ran with it, he came over and we had a glorious food night. This was so good in fact that someone suggest we make this a "thing". Thus I give you- Taco Night.

First of all, can I tell you how gosh dern good it is to come home to an attractive man making you dinner? Words cannot describe. He went all out on this one, I walked into my house and it smelled amazing! He made dinner for my entire house, plus some. Which is no small feat- I live with 7 girls. We listened to Spanish music and had a good ol time.

Slowly the roommates started to trickle off, leaving only myself, Dallas, KT, Dan, Jocelyn and Trev. Allison ran away, but not before being mauled by me. And we decided that carving pumpkins was in order. We ran to safeway to find the biggest pumpkins we could find, awesome and took them back to get to work. Allison was in and out, kind of a party pooper. We were trying to coax her out of her room, to come join the party, offering her things, and Jo went and hugged her, and things were said, and Allison said "NO to Alaya hugs"(because of the previous mauling)...oh really Alli? We'll see. So I ran over there and violent-hugged her. It was useless to resist. She learned, you NEVER say 'no' to an Alaya-hug.

ANYWAY. We are carving pumpkins in teams-



So the event continues. I bust out my knife collection and we all get to work.

I make some pretty stellar pumpkin seeds, and by the way- At the beginning of the night I made a statement- that it never mattered how many I made, all of them, have never been eaten. There are ALWAYS left overs that get thrown away. 3 people accepted this as a challenge. I made the seeds, they were phenomenal, as always, we ate a fair amount, but there are still seeds on the pan. Challenge Failed.

Dallas makes a mess....

all the time.

Classic Trevor move----------

Dallas' BrainChild- Allison's face.

KT and Dan's Beauty. With normal lighting...

and super LED lighting!

And to end the night- A Walk through the scary-movie-fog.

Took a stroll around the U of L pond/through the trees. Tres Spooky.
...But not really. Who can be scared when there are big strong men around? Ok, it wasn't the fact that there were big strong men, but the fact that we are all hilarious together.

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