Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Real Date.

Ok people. Its the update you've all been waiting for.... the one about my love life. Ew. Or lack thereof? But this is about as juicy as it ever gets.


We've been hanging out, and are good friends. This, I guess was the first official date.

Sunday night, he comes over after I got home from Edmonton, we chat about stuff, hang out for a while, start discussing/analyzing things in the room, and what they say about people. We find that this is something we both enjoy... analyzing things... especially people. Confession- I love people watching. LOVE it. I ask if he works Tuesday, and suggest we do some people watching, he says he gets off around 1, and he would love too. He takes it a step further and calls me up Monday, to officially ask me out. And he's turned it into a half-double date. Which im totally ok with because the other half it KT and Dan....=Awesome.

Date start time- 2:30pm- Dallas comes over, we engage in some light chit-chat. My roommate, who neglected to inform ME that she was in the hospital had informed DALLAS that she was having breathing issues, and had gone to the ER. He tells me this, im shocked and appalled that she wouldn't tell ME this. Hm. Dallas makes a phone call to his doctor buddy, to see if he happens to be at the hospital and would be willing to do Dallas a favor...he wasn't. I suggest we swing by and see if everything is ok, so we go to the hospital, meet up with Trev and another girl, no one really knows whats going on, but my roommate was being attended to, and we got bored of sitting in the ER so we left and went to Chapters/Starbucks. Got some Vanilla Bean Fraps and started 'people watching' It was great, highly entertaining.

After about an hour of that we decided we needed a change in venue, so we moved to the food court in the mall. We shared a dish of Manchu Wok. and continued just talking and watching.... and judging people... making up stories about them. Hilarious. We wandered around the mall after a bit, stopped in at Sport Check, talked sports for a while, really didn't do anything but talk.

We then wandered over to the arcade thing. Not being one to spend money needlessly, he....bootlegged? the basketball game; he's got huge, long arms and he just reaches in, grabs a ball and shoots it. we spend a solid ten minutes doing this. Highly entertaining. Especially when he is playing his own fantasy game... Center for the Boston Celtics, one minute to go, down by one. Dishes it to the corner, to the center, back to Dallas in his sweet spot, clocks winding down, he goes up! Gets fouled hard. Now he's got just three shots... first one, sinks it. Second? just a little off...its all down to this last shot. No pressure. ....There was a lot of detail in his describing of the situation, i'll spare you that. Point is, he sunk his last shot and the crowd went wild.

Moving on, we go to buy our tickets from one of the little automated machines, I notice that someone has walked away without grabbing their ticket. It was a ticket for the social network, Dallas is like- 'you could use it to get in... or are you too honest for that?' Then im all- 'There is no such thing as too honest.... excuse me, im going to make a scene...' He supports this and I walk into the lobby area, and in my distinct, loud but not yelling, authoritative voice- "Excuse me, can I have everyone's attention please!" Every single person in the lobby stops and looks at me. Still speaking with 'The voice'-"Someone here left their ticket at the booth. Someone who is going to The Social Network, has forgotten their ticket. Social Network. Anybody?" Then this guys comes through the crowd and thanks me, takes his ticket and goes to his movie. Dallas turns to me and makes a comment on how impressed he was. Thats right. Be impressed. While standing in line a few people made comments on how nice that was of me. ...All in a days work ma'am, all in a days work.

We went and saw the movie Red. SUCH a good movie. John Malkovich MAKES it. Brilliant. So, post-movie, we are trying to decide where to go for dinner, and Dan tells us to just follow him. Ok, so we are cruising down 3rd, Dan in his truck pulls up next to the little pimped-out I don't even know what it was, but you could tell it was a real hot shot ride. The light turns green and Dan wastes the poor car. He makes it through the next light, the little car doesn't. So we pull up to the little car, and Dallas is like, roll the window down. So, I roll it down, and I signal for the guy driving the car to roll his down. He does. Dallas leans over and says to the guy- You see that truck? Thats my buddy Dan. He wasted you. Oh Dallas. Funny kid. We actually started quite the conversation with this guy. He was actually kind of a nice guy, had two kids married for a few years, the car was just a lil 4-banger.... Then the light turned green, and the little one floored it. Cute. Dallas was driving my car... The 2003 Cadillac Seville STS; 4.6L Northstar V8 with 300hp. Please. We don't even have to try. Burned him. Awesome.

Dinner at Firestone. Awesome place. Things are always funnier when you get two sets of best friends and put them on dates. Needless to say the conversation was great, entertaining, at times educational and just overall fantastic. We tried to get Dan to hit on our waiter... He didn't. ...He totally could've gotten a number... The night was still a lil young to be calling it just yet, so we decided to go on a walk around Nicholas Sheran, and let me tell you, greatest walk ever. There was hopscotch, shoving each other off the path, threatening to carry people into the lake, dog piles, stargazing, watching KT get trapped in Dan's coat and trying to hop around in it, general wrestling between all parties... it had it all.

Date end time- 12:18am

Did I go on a 10 hour date? Yes. Did I enjoy every minute of it? Yes. Will there be another one? Possibly. Am I in love? No. Should I be? Yes. Are we perfect for each other? Yes. Does this perfection increase everytime he talks about killing things, or survival skills? Most Definately.

It was utter ridiculoawesomeness.

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