Thursday, October 28, 2010


This is a first for my blog- I have to print a retraction.

Yesterday, I posted a blog, and in this blog I declared that the Pumpkin Seed Challange was a Fail... Due to improper rule specifications, and the effort of one individual, Challenge Completed.

I came home today, and I started to do dishes. The pan of seeds still happily sat on the stove from the night before. There was a stack of dishes already in the sink so that is where I started. I was one dish away from grabbing the pan and dumping the seeds when Jo, runs out of her room, flys down the stairs and proceeds to eat seeds as fast as she humanly could. I'd go so far as to say that she began to scarf them. Without a word. I turn and look at her, she looks up at me, and it dawns on me. She explains that she wasn't aware they had to be eaten that night, and that I didn't specify. She continued to eat the seeds with hope in her eyes, looking at me, like a little puppy. I told her that if she ate the remainder of the seeds, i'd amend my post. Obviously she did it. But, it was not without cost. Im sure she feels gross. there were quite the amount still on the pan, and she downed them at an exceeding pace. Good on her.

SO- Retraction! Challenge was NOT a fail. Challenge was a WIN- due to JOCELYN.

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