Friday, October 22, 2010

Top 5 Greatest Things About Today

In chronological order.

1. I had waffles for breakfast. Mmmm.
2. I ditched work for two hours to catch the U of L rugby game.
3. Everything that comes out of Kessie's mouth; ie. "Probably shouldn't have had that popcorn before the game." ect. Greatest moment of the game? UBC finally scores one, the kicker sets up to kick, Mike yells something about not missing it. Their kicker turns around, and gives Mike a thumbs up. Awesome. She calls the kick, makes the kick, im not even mad. Kessie- "That was a great kick, it was worth 92 points!!" So funny(the score board said 31-92...whoops.)
4. When I went back to work, it was awesome. Time flew by. We had some laughs. Good day.
5. Horns Women's Basketball kicked some Trinity Western trash!

Ok, so its not much of a list, and the point is I ditched work and watched an awesome rugby game. And I could've just said that... but I didn't. Get over it.

Day 1 of the UofL's Weekend sports home opener would've been a clean sweep if the guys hadn't botched up their game... Seriously, it was brutal. I considered walking out of it. Horrible passes, most of which went almost straight to the other team, ridiculous fouls, and they couldn't hit a shot the save their life... final score 76-116. Ouch. Better do something between now and tomorrow night, cause I swear if you suck it up that bad again, ima start cheering for TW.

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