Saturday, June 12, 2010

Get Outta my HOUSE!

Titled "Get out of my house" A quote from the Nineteen eighties epic Adventures in Babysitting

Ok, so there is nobody IN my house. For real, im living in a giant house all by myself. I said that, it occurs to me that people probably shouldn't know that because its an invitation for stalker/murderers to pay me a visit. At the same time I say let them come. I've got more weapons stashed more places in this house than you know what to do with, and if you are going to attack me on my own turf, you might as well just punch a cop in a police station. Cause i'll take you down. Anyway. Thats not the point.

The point is- I can tell if there is somebody in my house. Also, I can tell when somebody has been in my house. I came home from being out all day, and somebody was in my house. Immediately I stopped and listened to see if they were still there, they weren't. So I set about checking if the valuables were still there, TV, Xbox, Appliances, Drugs(heaven help anyone that snakes my drugs...) Everything was still there. Odd. I texted the majority of my roommates, they hadn't stopped by. So right now, I curse the fact I know when someone has been in my house, because i'll probably not find out WHO, or WHY, obviously the more important questions. So I gues there isn't really much I can do. So. Great...



  1. why'd you take the last one down laya?!

  2. It was unneccessary. And not well written. And really it was random, and pitiful. Why? I wrote a rant, didn't post it, then i wrote a blog about writting rants... and really, there was no reason to put it up.