Friday, June 4, 2010

World Cup

Im not a huge soccer fan, i never have been. Frankly, I don't really understand the sport. Playing it can be fun, sometimes; however, watching it is like watching fireworks in lethbridge... You wait, and you wait.... and wait, then you get 5 minutes of fireworks, and people cheer. Then you wait again. And a while later you get another five minutes, people cheer again. Really its all about anticipation, cause the show, is totally not worth it. Thats how soccer goes. People are on the edge of their seats, waiting for something to happen. They wait, and wait, and finally somebody scores and they go crazy cause they've been waiting so long for it... And then the game ends 10 minutes later with a score of 1-0. That is my major problem with the sport. Im not even going to go into the fact that soccer players are pansies and drama queens. They are barely touched and its the end of the world. Im sure they are running SO fast that if something throws off their balance they just spin out of control right? Though, I did see that guy headbutt that other guy a few years back... I guess that was entertaining. So, go ahead, count down to FIFA. I'd rather watch women play real sports.

Speaking of which, While you are all enjoying your precious soccer, in the FIFA vs WWRC battle, i'll gladly take Womens World Rugby Cup. Less than 100 days to go! GO CANADA!!

I might as well throw this in there too- RWC NEW ZEALAND 2011. Im going. This post marks 462 days, 11 hours and 40 minutes until the first kickoff in RWC'11. Come with me. It will be the biggest, best party of your life. Who DOESN'T want to go to New Zealand? Who DOESN'T want to see the most attractive men in the world play the greatest sport ever created? I submit to you, there isn't a soul out there, in their right mind who doesn't. And now that you have this much warning, start saving up. For real. If you put away $7/day for the next 462 days, you'll be set. The more people we cram into a hotel room, the cheaper it will be! My plan is to go for a week and a half, hit a New Zealand vs France, a Canada vs Japan and a SouthAfrica vs Samoa, maybe an England vs Scotland! Bam. OH baby. But for serious, you know you want to go. You have over a year to scrape together cash. Think about it.
You DON'T want to miss this.


  1. Hi
    To introduce myself.
    I am Peter Mooney and I am the RWC 2011 Event Manger for the Hawke's Bay Region which includes Napier where Canada will play 2 of their 4 pool games in RWC 2011.
    I am contracted to the regional Tourism and Economic Development agency and can provide any help or information that people may want as they plan their trip to the Tournament.
    I don't have an affilliation to any particular operator or service provider so I can be impartial in the advice I give.
    If you want to stay in touch with developments in Hawke's Bay in the lead up to the cup go to the blog at and register. You will then get monthly updates via email which will include advance information re tickets for festival events happening during RWC 2011.

  2. did he^ creep out your blog.sweet though.

    and boy am I ever 'in the right mind'! I sooo hope I will be there with you!!

  3. Holy, so random, but for sure, consider me registered.

    Also, PLEASE come with me Michelle. That would be so sweet.