Thursday, June 10, 2010

Can't Take Me Anywhere.

So, there was a 3m Infection Control/Dental Sterilization seminar type thing tonight. I missed the memo about how these things actually go down... I was expecting to be sitting in a row of horrible chairs staring at a guy standing at a podium 40 feet away, in a gym-type room. I was WAY off. It was held at the new hotel "Coast" in one of their confefrence rooms, I walk in, still in my scrubs, got my water bottle in my hand and my jacket on, to chairs neatly set around tables that have cream table cloths on them. At the end of the room there were a few tables set up of "refreshments" AKA- quiche, meatballs, wings, cheese, friut... they were serving wine. What. The. Junk. I don't know about you dental people... but if this is what passes for seminars... count me in.

On to the point of the evening. Infection Control. Which is my job. I found out very quickly that it was going to be a long night. My first clue was in the guy's power point, the first few slides explained what the word sterilization means. So I got bored. I started making comments on everything the guy was saying. Garner was usually the only one to hear, but I found it amusing enough. For a while. An hour later I take out my pen and write on the back of my notebook "I don't understand ANY of this!" I passed it down to Sue. Sue, our table laughed, Sue wrote back "We're going to fire you tomorrow" Our table sytarted laughing again. Almost to the point of disrupting the speaker. And it kind of broke down from there. I'm a horrible influence. The guy started talking about labelling guns. Terri said she wanted one, I said I wanted three, then proceeded to make a wild west gunslinger motion. Again, our table was laughing. Julie chimed in a few times, I love her little bits she adds to conversations....So sarcastic, so funny. Also, Refreshments nothing! I don't care if you give me a tiny plate, no one on earth can stack a plate like me. That was kind of a gong show, people gave me funny looks. I kind of felt like a hobo crashing a wedding. Hmmm, i've been feeling like a hobo alot this week. Drowned Hobo, Wedding Crasher Hobo, Stalker Hobo. Oh well.


  1. oh stalker hobo.

  2. Ya.. I always look like a hobo at the dental conferences... whereas people are pulling out all the stops. I figure I'm there to make them look good right?