Monday, March 1, 2010

I love what you hate.

Do you ever find that when you love something, you love it more when someone else hates it? I've found that. I LOVE Christmas. Its March. Four and a half months ago, I decided to bust out the Christmas decorations. It was rememberance day and I didn't have another free weekend until the 19th of December. So it was early or late. I chose early. My roommate Kathryn did not approve of this. In fact, she really tried to fight me on this. Literally. I spent 2 hours wrestling with her. I beat her down and the decorations went up.

They survived for two months. And one day, I came home and most of it was packed up, without notifying me. This was unacceptable. So, i've tried my best to keep what was left up...

The garland up the stairs...Its totally get-away-withable. Its mostly green, and I don't turn the lights on...often...

The snowman, is just a snowman. You barely notice the "Merry Christmas". And its small. I'm not ever sure people know its there.

The Nativity can legitimately be up ALL year. We should be thinking of Christ always. Its just a little reminder. Right?

The bells, you really only notice them when you open and close the door.

The wreath too.

This however.... getting more and more difficult to make excuses for.


  1. No way man... the lights are my favorite part. Its like runway lights to your door. Its for dumb people to be able to find your house. The lights are legit. I will fight anyone who disagrees.

  2. I agree w/ M ... the lights make it!!!