Saturday, March 20, 2010

Exceeded Expectations.

Dear Internet,

Tonight was utter perfection. Brady and Neal had a moment. It was amazing. And I was there to witness it. Magical really...the reunion. Then Kelly and Trevor and Brady and I had a moment.

Ok, so probably there is only one person who will read that and get it. Still. Funny. Tonight was actually a reeeally fun time.

So a few days ago, Trev, Kelly and I were chilin at Bps, and it came up that we both had gift certificates to Ric's grill. I suggested we go on a double date, to the YSA Talent show and then to Ric's. And so it was done! Now all I needed was a date. This morning came, and I realized I still had yet to find a date, so I asked Brady. Or he was mutal...ok. So I changed my facebook status to this- "Alaya French is looking for a male, around her age, to whom she is not related, who likes free food, the pleasure of her company and happens to not be otherwise occupied after the talent show. If you feel that you meet this description, please inquire within. Thank-you." Yeah, cause im a geek like that. There was actually a really gtood response, aparently you say free food and boys come runnin. Or it was me they were after, and just needed the opportunity... Brady was the first to respond. Well actually a few people responded brfore he did, but brady was the first legitimate option. And so, I had a date.

Now we had decided beforehand that we were going to get dressed-up...semi-dressed-up? Kelly said she felt like wearing a skirt and heels and being sassy. I can respect that, so I totally got on board. Man. I looked hot. There is just something about wearing heels that makes you feel sexy. Mmmm.

So we went to the Talent Show. It was amazing. Far better than anticipated. Especially since I was not in it. In years past it has been kind of a let-down. The first year I was in YSA there were a few skits and weird talents, and mine/Abby's personal brand of comedy. The second year, I went solo on the comedy act, and I was the only non-musical act there was. In fact, they renamed the 'Talent Show' to the 'YSA Musical Show'...and Alaya. Or something like that. I quit after that; and for the next few years it was a mostly musical thing. Not this year. There were a few musical acts, but there was dancing, and poetry, and monologues, and impressions, and masterfully entertaining bits. Props to the glow in the dark stick figure ninjas and The Sound of Music boys. Overall, one of the best YSA shows i've seen. Immediately following the show Neal and Brady have this was a caring, touching, brotherly moment. Special.

So then we went for dinner. Classy. Ric's really is a nice place, made you feel ritzy...and a little pretentious.... There was this painting of a man, with a monocle and a martini, and he looked as if he would make a 'mnmahh' sound. We all made that sound for sometime... So, pretentious may have been my word of the night. Fun right? The food was good, the conversation was better. We covered just about everything... The stuffed potatos are stuffed with potato... and baby. Bacon makes everything better, possibly there was bacon in the stuffed potato, which was awesome, it would've been more awesome if the veggies had little bits of bacon in them, hybrid veggie-bacon food... We all had a moment whilst talking about stepping on sidewalk cracks, aw moment. ...Killing people with writing utensils. 'And an Hotel'. KFC. Swastikas. Kissing in the rain. Fire escapes and heels. Limbless pilates. Road trip. How Creme Brulee is a pretentious dessert...also I may or may not've indirectly called our waiter pretentious. I ordered the pretentious creme brulee. It was pretentious, I mean delicious. The evening was time really well spent. With people I really enjoy being around. Such a good night. Pretty much perfect. I had a hot date, good entertainment, great food. AWESOME. Loved it.


  1. "There is just something about wearing heels that makes you feel sexy. Mmmm. "


    HAHAHAHAHAh as i read it i heard you say it! haha it was great