Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cuba Part 1- Generality

So, last weekend I finally got all my pictures from Cuba organized! And i'm using this as an excuse to blog about something that occured before my blog existed. In all fairness, it was things like this that made me even consider blogging. On the other hand, it was things like this that made me wary of blogging... if you remember my pilot post, it was one of the reasons not to.

So anyway, the grand totall of all pics taken in cuba? 780. Yeah. Insane. Really though, we were there a week, and there were 5 of us... so really 22 pictures/day/person. Legit. (Don't worry, I filtered, im down to about 30)

This is how this happened. So, im up in Edmonton, hanging with Gusa, its tuesday. Dunnet calls her up and says "Hey, im going to cuba on Monday, come with." Gusa says "ok."

I look at her like shes crazy.

My bro, who is roomies with Dunnet calls me a short while later and is like, "Hey, 'm going to Cuba on Monday. Come with." And i'm like "...no." "Please?" He says. "I'll think about it."

Its totally absurd. Its Tuesday. I took yesterday and today off. You want me to take an entire week off work, spend a whole weeks' pay, run off to an island in the sun, in the middle of winter? You are nuts. Long story short, my spontaneous side kicked the crap out of my reasonable, sensible side. It took a fwe days though, so its Thursday, and we book a flight and a hotel, Gusa and leave Wednesday.
Me an Gusa. Veradero, CUBA.

This was the view from our hotel window. AWESOME!

This is my crew. Word. ...Im kind of a little creeper

So, my hair+humidity=disaster.

First order of business? Find a black lady to braid my hair into little tiny braids.

Easy enough, we were at the market, and it was def a thing that people just offer. Sweet!

Little did I know, they didn't do it in the market, they did it from their homes so I followed this lady back to her house. And it wasn't just a front room, it was down this sketchy hallway, into a tiny room with a chair, a bed and some random junk. This room, we've come to refer to as "The Rape Room."
Cause, im sure at other times of the day/night...thats what it was used for.

On another note- so many cool buildings!
I really wanted to go steal this horse and go riding on the beach

Snorkelling, one of my new favorite things!

So Good.


  1. yay cuba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alaya...you rock. simply put. :)


    as i recall...it was a lot of...Alaya just DO IT! and you refusing and me pulling out the "i won't be able to go unless you come!" and ppl physically pushing you into your boss to ask for the days off! Also! if is does make you feel better with the whole seven hundred and eighty photos some of them are spencers, WHO was there two days before us!.... therefore...more legit (wink face)
    DUDE! you didn't even mention our "do something ridiculous a day thing!" hahah THERE IS SO MUCH MORE CUBA THAN BLOGGED!

  3. Yeah... so really, I gave into peer pressure and that's really why I went to Cuba. And no need to worry Tara, this is only part one. There is so much more to come.

  4. I was freaking out when you went off to get your hair braided, i thought it was in the market, then next thing i know i cant find you, i run into trav and Tara and they say it happens in a random house. And i start thinking i just lost my sister. I was actually seriously worried. Started praying pretty hard. We started going to random houses asking about you and then were directed to the right house, then we saw the rape room......