Monday, March 15, 2010


So, my brother(Jarett), his girlfriend(Stefanie), my sister(Annalise) and I were all craving KD(Kraft Dinner, aka Mac and Cheese). We were all at my parents house, and usually they keep a pretty good supply on hand, what with their whole food storage thing. Alas, ther was none. Now, we really wanted some, so I volunteered to run home and grab some from my kitchen. A short while later, I return with KD in hand! Triumph. I give it to Stef, and she starts cookin it up. I return to my couch where i had been all afternoon to await my KD. Another short while later, Stef calls it s ready. Joy. I walk over to the stove look at the KD... it has kind of a brownish tinge to it. I hesitate. Usually KD is neon orange. Something was wrong. I didn't care. Scooped myself a bowl and sat down with Jarett and Stef. Stef brought it up first..."So, the cheese was a litle brown...I don't know why." I suggested maybe it had to do with the old pot we used. She said the powder was the same color. After a few more minutes of discussing the color of the cheese, and how it tasted fine, I ask, "Is there an expiration date on the box?" Previously I had thought KD never went bad, and therefore should have had an expiration date with the infinity symbol. After searching the box, we found one. It was not the infintity symbol. The expiration date read 'December 18, 2008' ...awkward... Annalise finally joins us, looks at the KD and asks "Are these multi-grain noodles?" We answer "nope, eat some and we'll tell you." She grabbed a bowl and started eating. We showed her the box. We all laughed for a bit, and then we continued eating it. It tasted fine.

After we were done, Jarett made the comment "Hey, your shirt is the same color as the KD. Thats awesome. Your shirt is 'Expired Kraft Dinner color.' Thats how im going to refer to that shirt from now on!!"

I don't plan on wearing that shirt in the near future.

Also, the Kraft dinner was fine, no one is sick, so I maintain that it does not have an expiry. As long as you don't mind eating greyish brown macaroni.(Cause eventually, thats the color the cheese will turn, im certain.)

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  1. I am an expiration date nazi. This would not pass for me.