Friday, March 12, 2010

Brilliant, Entertaining....Unfinished

I love this guy. Well...THESE guys, 'Cooper' -amazing singing, and 'Nate' reminds me of Dean off supernatural. Mmmmm...Dean... delicious.
Also. I think its hilarious.

Ps. I hate series that don't get finished... Chirs Heimerdinger, i'm coming for you next... its been half a decade!! What? Did you DIE??


  1. Hey!!! I totally have seen this before. I too love College musical. And I also hate things left unfinished. Not knowing the ending of the Tennis Shoes books kills me occasionally. Seriously... if we can track down a mailing address I think we should start writing Chris H. letters asking him to finish the series. Cause it has been far too long.

  2. So I just tried to see if I could find somewhere on the internet to contact Chris.. turns out I hate his website and its lack of information... It says his next book is the last tennis shoe book he put out. Curse him.