Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cuba Part 1-2 Generality Continued.

So, I was a beach bum. I've never been a beach bum. New experiences. I think it suited me. Other than the fact that I did not anticipate the saltiness of the ocean. Sick. I'll keep my glacier water thanks.

So this storm moves in. It 'rains' for a little bit, really the air just got a little more moist than it had been. But you know what storm means on the ocean? HUGE WAVES. You know what waves mean? BODY SURFING. This is what we were doing while you were sitting in church. Don't worry, God understands.
This was Christmas vacaction. Weird. Christmas trees and cuba don't mix. But it was awesome nonetheless.
These were the little taxis. So fun. Jarett and I took one, and I noticed the driver was kinda slowing down and speeding up, and weaving a little bit.. and she kept looking down, so I lean forward and she's sitting there texting. Oh Cuba.

Tara and I got gutsy and we climbed up to the hotel's roof, it was quite the amazing view. Then we were seen and had to make an escape. So beautiful.

So, im an elevator-creep. But thats why you love me. Right?
Or its because im a Cadillac Pimp.

Either way, this was just to give you the setting, I have stories. Good ones. Also, I need to tell you about Habana, so just you wait.

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