Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kids I Hated in Elementary School

Becky and I do a fair amount of filing at work, and as such we come across unique names. Which sparks a conversation about what we will name our children; which is usually a fairly entertaining topic. The other day she asked me what I thought of the name "Roman" Immediately I thought of this kid in the first grade who was very possibly the grossest kid ever(at the time.) I told her that I didn't like the name for that reason, it reminded me of him. Then we got to talking about how its funny that one person can make or break a name for you. Then we got talking about all the names we disliked, most names I hate are people I knew, which is sad in a way; but at the same time, funny. THUS we decided to blog about it. See becky's blog too. Its a gooder.

So- Names I dislike

1- Roman. Though it may sound like a cool name, it has been tainted by a kid who belched on command. And im not talking little airy burps, they were full on disgusting something-probably-came-up-with-it noises. And he was just one of those kids that creeped you out. Eww. Though, I probably judged him unfairly, and he's probably a popular stud now... that memory haunts the name. Sorry Roman.

2- Jodie. Now I am friends with one or two jodies now; but the fact remains i's never name my child that. This I can trace back to a girl in my grade two class. |She used to chew on her hair. That is probably the most disgusting thing a kid could ever do. I'm scarred for life.

3- Clinton. All around its the name of Jackaces.

4- Grant. Again Jackace. He was rude to pretty much everybody, he thought he was popular, and he played baseball. Gay.

5- Kerri. This one is attributed to ScaryKerri. She was a couple years older than me, and I compare her to some barbie-GI Joe crossover with poor selfesteem and the personality of a chiuhauha.

6- Chantelle. I've never met anone(not including family) with this name that I have ever liked. She was a neighbour kis across the alley for a large chunk of my childhood. Jerk. She and her sisters would come jump on our trampoline when we weren't there, and then they'd run off when we got home, and they'd yell crude things over the fence.

7- Grace. Ew.

There are more, I just can't think of them right now, i'm sure there will be a next installment.


  1. not gonna lie - i quickly scanned this list before i read it to see if my name was on it..

  2. I cant believe gregory isnt on this list. cause if we're naming people from elementary school thats def one that was ruined for me. And I feel like I know exactly who you are talking about with each name...

  3. Are you talking about the cullegan kids, or the yellow house kids

  4. Oh man. I can't believe I forgot about Gregory... Mr. I-pick-my-nose-and-eat-it.

    Ew, also- Chase.

    The Yellow house kids.

  5. Bahahha... I liked Chase. Funny. But Grace, Kerri and Chantelle's creep me out for sure.

  6. I like this and find it very amusing.

  7. There is one time with Grant that i still cant get over, I am sorry Alaya, i still remember it and think about it all the time, it bothers me so much and i am sorry.