Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Im holding dream-you accountable...

For all those that read this, I demand you start keeping a better eye on what the dream version of you does... 'Cause I'm gonna hold you accountable. I mean sometimes, you have some good ideas; but there are times...

Dream scenario: So im just chilling, and a couple of my roomies come up to me and start talkin to me about McDonalds. And Kathryn turns to me and says "You know what's so good? You get a double 1/4lb and a McChicken, and you take the double, open it up, stick the mcchicken inbetween the two 1\4lb patties...So good." The rest of the dream really doesn't matter, crazy stuff happened, point is, I never got one...

So, I had the afternoon off. I got bored...on my way home, I drive past a few McD's... I thought to myself what the heck?! Why not... See if Dream-Kathryn was tellin the truth.

As i'm telling you this, I can't believe I did it...The first bite was actually really good. It had it all... I had to dislocate my jaw to get it in my mouth though...

a few more bites, and I could feel my arteries closing up...half way through it, im pretty sure I had a mini-heart attack...

It took me 20 minutes to finish, and I felt like death afterwards... needless to say...Im going to have strong words with Kathryn about what she allows her dream-self to suggest to me...


  1. BAH. That is insanity. But I really like your commitment to dreams. Follow through. Thats the important part.

  2. THAT LOOKS SOOOOOOOO GOOD. i want one real bad now.

  3. i laughed very loudly when i read this, nice work.

  4. DreamLaya couldn't get one....so I had to.
    ...Thats probably not how it works... cause if it did, i'd be living in a castle with a pile of gold and a bunch of man-servants.

    Bonnie NO. Not worth it!! It was death. Death cleverly disguised in a small, greasy, delicious package. Though, I knew you would appreciate it.

    Becky, this is the story I never got around to telling you at work.