Saturday, March 13, 2010


I came home today to my roommates having craft time. They were all sitting at the table, coloring/drawing pictures. It was kind of cute. Apparently they had been doing that for quite some time, because there were numerous drawings all over the house. I thought it was adorable. Odd, but adorable. I then went up to my room, and taped to the side of my dresser is this...


If you can't read it it say this:

"Alaya The Warrior Mermaid"
"Sexy and Dangerous"
"Foxy and a little Fishy"
"Fish an water mammals swim in fear because of Alaya"
And yes, thats a bow, a knife and a couple of dead fish.
It made me smile that me roommates know me so well.


  1. it should have said pirate too.
    'that me roommates know me so well...arrrg"

  2. yes....yes, i approve this blog!

  3. you are just the cutest thing.
    you must be a good friend to deserve this.