Monday, March 15, 2010

So, after work today Becky and I were standing in our parking lot, discussing how I could not live without her, how she is my salvation, how I would have gone crazy long ago were it not for her, how what gets me through the week is knowing that Monday will come again, and I will see her...
soooo we were out back chattin away, and there was this guy and this little kid, who could not have been more than 6 across the street. We watched them for a little bit, and they started pushin their jeep. Both doors were open and they were pushing from the sides, the kid on the far side, the dad on the drivers side. I turn and am about to call out, see if they needed help. As i'm thinking this Becky says "What if the little boy gets run over?" As those words come out of her mouth we see the little kids feet stumble a little bit and he trips and there is a scream of pain.(This all happened within one second) I'm a little shocked and not sure what to do, the dad runs around the vehicle and yells "For F*** sake!!!" At the moment I thought it sounded like an angry exclaimation, (and it did. In my world, that word shouldn't be used, especially at a 6 year old)and then for a split second this is the thought that crossed my mind- [I swear, if that man is angry at his kid for getting his foot run over, im going to walk around to my trunk, grab my ax and relieve him of his...] I mean, it wasn't the kids fault. Anyway, that thought slowly went way when I saw that he was actually concerned for his child. A couple of guys had rushed over to help and one guy ran and got some ice. They didn't think it was broken, but if the guy had any sense, he would take him to the hospital... The kid stopped crying and they drove off. I felt kind of bad that I didn't try and help. Usually im all over that, but for some reason I just stood there. Weird. Anyway...that's really about all I have to say.


  1. Oh... look who is sporting the double post. Not so judgey this time around I see. That is insanity though. For some reason when I hear stories of children being run over, I feel like they ought to die (not in a sadistic kind of way mind you). Just getting run over with a car is a big deal... and walking away with a mere bruised foot... Seriously? Amazing.

  2. I feel like that dad shoulda been picking up his kid and anxiously rocking back and worth as he weeped and wailed over his poor son.. Just me tho. Apparently I'm a little dramatic.

  3. its valid that we didnt do anything to help..there were three (or four?) grown men on the scene, one of which had just dropped the eff bomb several times at his 4-5 year old son. and we were very obviously spying on the whole situation. it was really sad though :(