Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm kind of.... something...

So, some of you know, some of you don't, and I feel like we should all be on the same page..

About a month ago, I started becoming concerned with Dallas' church-going habits. I've done everything in my power to help him go on his mission, and I felt the need to encourage church attendance. One Sunday I ran into Neal, and asked him if Dallas was at church, he said no, so I called Dallas, he didn't answer, and I left him a text telling him to go to church.

Next Sunday rolls around and I happen to run into Neal again and I ask if he's seen Dallas. Neal said Dallas was at home sleeping... so I called him....several times. And I texted him...several times. And then I did a drive by his house honking my horn, and calling/ texting.

Basically for a few moments...I was...a ...psycho stalker.

He didn't wake up.... but then he texts me at minute after sacrament ends.
Forgive my doubt... but you DID. NOT. JUST wake up...

I understand you worked the night shift, I understand you go home at 8 am and you are tired. But I also understand that you could've gotten 5 hours of sleep in and then went to church...

I told him it was friends off. Apparently he doesn't know what that means. And I didn't really hold him to that...

Next Saturday rolls around and I find myself at his house partying with his roommates, and I run into Dallas, and I'm like - hey Dallas... you gonna make it to church tomorrow. He says that he has to work the night shift so he'll be really tired, but he would make it.

It's 1:30. His sacrament meeting starts in 20 minutes. I call him... no answer. I text him... nothing. I call Neal. Dallas is still sleeping. I lose it.

I drive over to their house, bust in there, march up to his bedroom door, bang on it as hard as the integrity of the door would allow and I yelled at him to get his lazy butt out of bed. I pause to listen and I hear a tired groan from inside... I start banging on the door again and yelling stuff... a few minutes pass and the only responses I get are mumbled words and groans. He was mostly awake... I got fed up with yelling through his bedroom door, so I said 'Fine. Bye Dallas.' And left.

As im writing this, I am becoming more and more aware of how psychotic I sound... And I thought about not telling you, but lets face it, I am Me, this is what happened, so why not share?

It ticked me off that he couldn't even drag himself out of bed to open his door to have a real conversation with me. It ticked me off that he said he was going to church, and didn't, twice. It ticks me off that he wants to go on a mission and is doing next to nothing to get there.

SO. I'm just done with him acting like he is 12.

I decided not to text him all day. And that day turned into two, which turned into three, and then it was a week...

I ran into his sister Brittany, she apologized on his behalf. And tried to explain. It was a nice gesture of my former-future-sister-in-law... I still want Dallas to grow up, grow a pair and DO something.

Then all of a sudden it was a week and a half. Nothing. He hadn't tried to call me, no texts... Nothing. Wednesday, he decides to text me... "Hey" ...Thats it. Thats all he texts me, a week and a half and the only thing he can say is "Hey" GAH! I hate stupid boys. I was just walking into institute so I texted him back- 'Hey, i'm just walking into institute, class is done at 9:30.' ...Nothing.. Then I texted him again at about 11:30..'And now im going to bed...'

Its currently 11:37 on Friday...and i've got nothing.

So, I've given him ample time to man-up. And I was thinking. I have three options...

1- Be kind, compassionate and understanding. Let him know that im here for him when he wants to talk about it, and we are still friends and I want him to be happy.

2- Hunt him down, corner him, say "Hey" and without another word, turn and leave and not talk to him again for a while

3- Stalk him, stake-out his car, and when he comes out to his car say this- "You have 5 minutes to convince me to ever talk to you again. Go." Then bust out a stop watch and actually time it.

I'm just so sick of men, and their crap. Say what you mean, be HONEST, make decisions. DO SOMETHING!!

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  1. amen to that sister. YOU deserve to be treated better. whether he decides to go to church or not is completely independent of the way he chooses to treat you. how rude to not even open the door to talk to you. don't give him the 5 minutes, don't make him a priority for you. if he wants to talk to you he will and if he doesn't then go on with being awesome regardless of him being a douche. it's admirable that you want to be his friend and help him get on a mission but you can't help people who don't help themselves. it's sad to see this happen with you too. but remember: YOU are better than how you are being treated. we teach people how to treat us. therefore, don't allow others to learn to treat you with less respect than you deserve. love you and i am SO MAD you are having a dance party without me. how rude. hahahaha just kidding :)