Friday, March 25, 2011

I Love Your Crack.

There was a man, who everyday walked to a stream to get water, he carried two water pots, one a perfect pot, the other one with a crack in it. Story sound familiar?

I lured you in with a funny blog title, you thought you were getting entertainment, but this is just going to be sentiment, and now you have to read this...

The story of the pot goes like this- the cracked pot felt bad for having a crack and leaking half its water out while being carried back to the house, and the pot apologizes for this, and the man tells the pot- I knew of your crack and planted flowers on your side of the path, and every day I carry you up from the stream, the water you leak goes to the flowers and makes my walk beautiful...

We had our wards RS retreat today, and it was great. It was about self esteem and the such. It was really good. We were talking about the influence that we have on other people, either for good or for bad. And a girl there shared a personal story about how she really struggles with self esteem, and I thought this was crazy cause she is totally a fox... A while back around when I first met her, I remember seeing her in church one day and thinking, "She is really pretty, I should go tell her she looks really good." But I dismissed the thought cause I'd figured she was told that on a pretty consistent basis, and she'd have to be an idiot not to know she was hot stuff... I kind of regret that moment now that I know, cause she probably needed to hear it then.

SO, this got me thinking- I am usually pretty free with compliments, but sometimes I hold back, and its funny, its the things left unsaid that I never forget. And I know the moment has passed, and if said now, would require back story and explanation and probably a little awkwardness... I mean, it does happen- I go up to someone and say 'Hey, remember 2 years ago, at that thing, I meant to tell you that you were awesome.' People sometimes take it the wrong way, or whatever...

Anyway, I have resolved to change this! Starting now. I won't hold back any compliments, cause I don't care if it makes me sound creepy! Also, starting now, I'm going to post things that i've been meaning to say to people. I know its not as good as actually saying them, but if I get it out here, maybe they will stop haunting me. I'm going try to do this on a monthly basis, cause Lord knows- So much is left unsaid... I'm going to call these posts "Left Unsaid, Said Right" Just so you know they are coming... I actually might make a whole new blog devoted to this, im not sure yet.


  1. haha I was definitely worried as to what I would find in this post.

    Good story it. And I have also been thinking about similar things. At stake conference adult session a guy spoke about reaching out to others. He said think of your family, your brothers and sisters, think about how much you would do for them. Then he said to look at the people around you-they are your brothers and sisters too, and that we use those terms too lightly now in church. He also talked about how some people will only say hi or talk to some one, if they say hi where would we be if every one was like that? Some one has to be the one to initiate. I am bad for that...I get in my shy little world and a lot of the time wait for people to come to me. Anyways good on ya, and I may just join ya.

  2. I like the feature Idea of it.