Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dance party and Trolls Fest.

Last weekend I had a dance party at my house. Its been almost a year since ive thrown a shin-dig at my place. It was about time. Also, I had a little encouragement from my married friends. They wanted to party, but feared that no one would come to a married persons' party. They were probably right.

I talked to my neighbors before hand, asked them to call me before they called the cops. Totally worked! It made me a little sad though, cause really- A party is not a party unless the cops show up... It was a huge success. SO many people came, i'm sure at one point in time there were 120 people in my house. My living room was rank though... see, I don't have any windows in my living room... so it got nasty sauna-sweaty in there. Ugh. Somebody rigged the sprayer-thing on the sink, so I watched a bunch of people get soaked. Some people thought it was funny... some people didn't take it so well. Nevertheless- Awesome!!
I say it was a success, not because I had a whole bunch of people there, but because it ended when I wanted it to end, nothing was broken or stolen, AND ...people cleaned up before they left... BLEW MY MIND

Dan came to the party, reminded me that Trolls Fest was this weekend. And for those of you that are unaware- Trolls fest is a drunken brawl of a rugby tournament. Complete with naked guys in a hot tub, sombreros and fights.

Saturday morning rolls around and I decided to go watch Dan play a few games. I brought my rugby stuff just in case I wanted to jump in on a game. I got there and a bunch of us were standing around talking, Dan was trying to get Cougle some shorts, cause he forgot his. He was too drunk to drive home and get them... at 11 am...

I don't really know what I was thinking, but I offered mine. I get them for him, and minutes later regret my decision when I find out he is going commando in them... I was pretty sure i would catch some kind of STD from them... so needless to say there was no way I was going to be playing rugby... I contemplated actually burning them when he gave them back to me... 2 games later...

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