Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Weekend+week+weekend

June 26th 2010- The day Jarett married Stef. The week leading up to this day I had my little sister take me shopping. Which usually is something I avoid at all costs; if you know Annalise, you know why. In this week, I bought dress. Shocking. Like full-on, one piece type thing. This was a first for me. The only dresses ive ever worn were ones my mother made for me before I had enough sense to say 'No Mother'.

Good fortune was on my side today, because of construction, and some...less than accurate shortcut directions, I would've been late for my own brothers wedding, but I wasn't the only one that had issues with the bloody construction, there were a few wedding parties that got held up before ours, thus pushing back my bro's and whew! I made it. Not only did I make it, I was early, and guess who I saw at the temple? None other than Lauren Cooper...who wasn't cooper anymore. And guess who took some creeper pics? Oh yes, I did

It was a beautiful day, beautiful wedding. I'm just so happy for my big bro. But at the same time, not because this puts the pressure on me. Curses, being the next oldest... *Shakes fist* We spent some time taking pictures, the happy couple went on a carridge ride, we had family dinner, which was funny. There were games and things. Food could've been a little better but all in all, I thought it was pretty good.

Along with being beautiful, it was long. I was bushed after it, but on my way home I decided to stop in Magrath for Lauren's reception...apparentlyim a messwhen im tired. I had no idea. I totally dumped an entire glass of juice; then, after trying my best to clean up that mess, I proceeded to fill up my glass again. Only after letting it run for a while did I realize that my glass had a crack in it and was leaking juice everywhere. Again. Gong show.

Monday I went fishing with Tanin. We caught an iceberg. For real. We did it on purpose, it was like cast-accuracy testing. Man that thing was hard to reel in. Just when you think you got a good hook in it, a little piece breaks off... He had to leave and go to work I stayed on the lake. I caught a fish, took it for a lap around the lake and let it go. I didn't feel like killing it. Which is an odd thing for me, cause I always feel like killing things.I named him Javert, for obvious reasons. I went to FHE in Waterton, always a good time. Then I hung out with Anna and Jantz in my old apartment. I can still see the repair job I did on my wall after I had punched a hole in it 3 years ago. Ah memories. Then i went back up to the lake, it was a beautiful clear night. I thought about sleeping in my boat, but I opted for sleeping in the back of my Suburban. Good choice on my part cause at 3 am I woke up to a wicked rain storm. I would not have been a happy camper had I been in my boat. Tuesday was spent fishing, it was gorgeous... until a thunderstorm rolled over the mountain. But I was heading out anyway, it didn't bother me none.

I made it back for Christie Pierson's bridal shower, I had my signature scandalous gift. It was fun... poor linds, so innocent...

Oh and then I did my Vistit Teaching!! Yay for last day of the month!

Thursday was spent fishing with the family, Dad came which was nice. My rowing muscles are coming in quite nicely. We made it back just in time for fireworks, which didn't suck. Go Lethbridge! Way to not suck!

Friday Kara, Missy and myself went to the Bomber Command museum in Nanton. That was pretty sweet. We hit up the antiques shop too, cause thats what you do when you are in Nanton. That night Kasia and Kara decided to watch a movie called Being John Malkovich. I sat in on it. Odd movie. I swear Cameron Diaz has never looked worse in a movie. Eeeee

Saturday I was back in Waterton- Picnic with Kara and Missy.

And there you are. All caught up on my life. All things considered, it was a pretty good substitute for going out to BC. ...Stupid car...cost me $800... Cadillacs should be made for off roading... Ruby...

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