Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just done it?

Night's over. What's done is done. And this is what was done...

First item of business- Look Hot. Mission Accomplished. Straightened my hair, a little hint of make up, great clothing choice. I was set. Secondly- Go to the dance. Done. I went for the last half hour of the thing cause I was warned that it was lame. This was the correct choice on my part because apparently they had only played one slow song the entire dance. I didn't miss a thing. The dance was finishing off in the true YSA fashion- a couple slow songs at the very end. I tried to locate Floppy Ears, but to my dismay, I was too late and he was already dancing with another girl. I askede the nearest guy to dance, I led him out onto the floor so I could keep tabs on Floppy Ears, we danced, I kept Floppy Ears in my line of sight the whole time. Excellent. Song ended, and the gentleman I was dancing with felt it appropriate to lead me back to where I found him... away from my target! Curses. By the time I had gotten rid of him, the next song had started and again I was out of luck. So I decided to dance with a friend of mine, try playing the jealousy card. HA. He didn't even look at me... I don't think. Song ended, but to my delight, another started! Three slow songs! A miracle. And I was mere feet away from him. However, friend with whom I was dancing decided that he wanted to continue the conversation. Crap. There Floppy Ears goes. Again.

So the dance ended, and I go up to Floppy Ears and call him out on his non-bbq. He then formally invites me to his bon fire. Sweet. I wander around for a while and pretend to care what other people are doing, but in my wanderings I run into "The Clinger" ...You know that girl thats just the awkward-clingy type? The kind of girl that randomly pulls out a picture of the giant wart that encompassed about 1/5 of the bottom of her foot, and starts going on about not walking around in bare feet... She attached herself to me. "Well I've either got to find someone to drive me to these places, or I just have to go home" "I really want to do something, I don't want to go home" "So, What are you(we) doing?" Oh man. You couldn't have come at a worse time. And I feel bad blowing people off, I really do, but the Clinger is a killer. Especially for what I had planned for tonight. I refuse to babysit you. It took like half an hour but i convinced her i was just going to go home. Freedom. Finally.

So I drive to FloppyEars' house and they've got the fire going in a huge pit in his backyard we stand around and talk. I mention gasoline, we play pyro for a bit, continue talking the party started dwindlin. And then there were five of us, for the longest time, just talking, having a good time. I was my loveable, charming self. The fire pretty much died and we are in his backyard discussing Matt's girl problems and I keep throwing out little hints, that other people picked up on, example- we discuss Matt's trying to play the "play it cool" card on this girl, and im like, "well you know what happens when you play that card too long, people move to edmonton" But it wasn't really a statement more of a whispered comment I made to Tanessa and Andrew. They thought it was funny. More time passes and subtley I make it more obvious that I sort of like him. But he doesn't really notice. But andrew notices and thank heavens for that. Also, after years of failing to get his phone number, I got his phone number... but a lot of good it will do me... its going to change in a week anyway.

I look around the back yard and I see some furniture in the corner of the yard, peering at it I ask if its a futon, and Floppy ears says it is, and that there is a couch and a couple of hammocks over there. Bingo. I let a few minute pass then I say that im going to check out these hammocks, and to feel free to join me, and I start walking away. Andrew says "Floppy Ears will join you" (ok, he didn't say floppy ears, he used his real name, but I don't use his real name) Thank you Andrew!! Floppy Ears followed me to the Hammock, I sat on the Hammock and he sat on the couch facing the hammock. We talked. It was a great talk. He was kind of beautiful in the moonlight, and we talked like we were old friends, it felt really good.

And then I failed. I did not confess my love for him(outright) and I did not kiss him. Sorry people. It was a moment that was too perfect to screw up. And yes, trying to kiss him WOULD have screwed it up. I think I got my point across that I kinda liked him, and even if he didn't quite figure it out, im sure Andrew will fill him in later. And now I have another excuse to go to Edmonton. And that's how the night ended, it was 1:50, and he was leaving at 8 in the morning for Edmonton. We called it a night and we hugged goodbye. Im sure that this is not the end of this relationship. I kind of really like him.

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