Friday, July 9, 2010

Im just gonna do it.

I've learned a lesson in procrastination. To all you procrastinators out there- You don't have all the time in the world AND you can't just keep waiting, sometimes you have to just do it.

Last sunday I recieved horrible news. FloppyEars was moving to Edmonton! This is unacceptable to me... We were supposed to spend the summer together! This was what the good Lord had in mind when he combined our wards! It was fast and testimony meeting last week, and he gets up to bear his, he explained that this was going to be his last sunday here. My heart cried within me! Noooooooooooo! I thought of all the missed opportunities, all the times I neglected to actually get his number, every moment that I just let pass and I cursed myself for thinking I had forever.

I couldn't sit with him in sunday school because I was teaching, and he disappeared so he missed my phenomenal lesson that would have made him fall in love with me. So after church I stuck around and wandered the halls hoping to bump into him. Luck was on my side, he was waiting to talk to the bishop! I stopped and talked to him for a bit, I expressed the regret of not ever really hanging out with him, he agreeed it was a shame. Then he mentioned that he was having a BBQ on friday, and that I should come. Done! He said he'd facebook me the details. Wicked!

And so I had my plan. Friday. I would go to this BBQ. I will look Hot. I will confess my undying love for him, and I will kiss him. I explained this plan to my co-workers, they all thought it was a solid idea. ...whether they actually thought it was a good idea, or they thought it would make a great bad life choice story for monday, im not sure. Either way, this was happening.

Its Friday. Floppy Ears has not facebooked me yet. I called around to see what was up, and he's nixed the bbq, and is probably just going to have a fire after the dance. Sweet. This works to my advantage, the darkness and the fire=romantic/ easy to get him alone... Excellent. So this is the new plan- Look Hot, Go to dance, possibly dance with FloppyEars, Go to Fire. Kiss Floppy Ears. Done. I'll keep you posted on how this goes.


  1. I'm wracking my brain but i just cannot recall a "floppy ears"... this makes me sad because I like being in the know. ya know?

  2. Floppy Ears= the male equiv of myself. He make the same facial expressions I do, he rides giant statues like i do, he sings in the car and likes the outdoors. He's going to be a mechanic. He likes Chevys. He is a MAN.... in a little child kind of way.