Friday, July 23, 2010

Top "#" Lists

I, like most people enjoy lists. And I hold a special place in my heart for 'top' lists. Whither it be Top 10, top 20 or the top 100 lists, I love them. And I will tell you why. It is because there is so much crap in this world that often times, you find yourself knee-deep in some thick brown muck, looking for a tiny sparkling diamond... odds of you finding a diamond? Slim. Level of frustration when you cannot get the brown stench out of your clothing and you have nothing to show for it? High.

And Top-lists...blessed Top-Lists nearly eliminate the need to go diving in the muck. Now, I do believe that sometimes it can be fun to sift through all that crap and see what you pull out, but sometimes there just isn't the time... Its so convenient that someone has it laid out for you. Like Brittney Spears' Greatest hits... or...any other band's greatest hits albums... um... the point is, sometimes you buy a cd to get ONE song, and that is a waste of my time and money. And half the songs are stupid and you've never even heard them before and you never want to hear them again....but I digress.

Top lists. The best ofs. You tube is great for this. Top ten wipeouts, kids getting hit with ball moments, babies laughing... and the best of them all- The top ten most watched youtube videos of all time.

Usually I do not find any major faults with these lists. However today, I came across a list... Top ten things to do before summer ends. It had things like 'Eat a popsicle, have a bon fire, go camping...' All well and good things, summery things, legit things...then I got to #1... You know what the number one thing you just have to do before summer ends? ...According to, the #1 thing to do this summer is- Fall in love. ... :| Fall in love? Screw you! You can just go suck some twitterpated lemons you stupid website. Falling in love isn't just something you do. It is nowhere near the level of 'eat a popsicle'! Oh, I think im going to go out and fall in love today... Yes, splendid idea, why hadn't I thought of this before? ...

Its not something to do! Its something that happens. Morons...

But other than that list, most lists are pretty good.

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