Sunday, July 18, 2010


I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed...or cares for that matter... but MORMON BACHELOR PAD blog has ceased. This ticks me off. Who am I supposed to live through now? Bloggers can't just go on vacation. Its unfair to their readers! (PS. I'm going on vacation next week. Suck it.)

Anyway, I really wanted to know what happened. ...Not TO them, well to them but not in real life, I want to finish the story. If that makes sense. I don't care if its real, or even if it actually happened; its like putting down a reasonably decent book right before the end. I just wanna know. They don't even have to write it first person anymore, and they don't have to make it clever, just give me SOMETHING.

I've come up with explainations as to why the stories have stopped-
1- They are actually the losers that MBPExposed claims they are and they finally got real girlfriends and now no longer have time to make up stories.
2- They died in a horrible firey car accident
3- Their wives found out they were writting it and now they are getting divorced
4- It is real, people figured out who they were and now they can no longer write
5- They are being know
6- They were aliens and had to go back to their planet
7- They forgot the passowrd to their blogger account
8- They got bored of having hundreds of girls hang on their every word and dwecided it would be more fun to pretend to be Mormon Bachelorette Place and have guys hang on their every word
9- They decided it was time to come out of the closet
10- They are doing this on purpose, just to tick me off.

Anyway. This sucks. Im going to search for the Bachelorette blog...

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  1. From the posts of theirs I have read I would say that it is for sure they forgot their password.